RBC Tryout Date Announced for 2021 Season!

UpdatedWednesday August 12, 2020 byCasey Larry.

Rams Baseball Club has announced the tryout date for the 2021 season:

Sunday, August 30th - time TBD (7u - 14u)

Location: TBD (Possibly Sam Wise).

Due to COVID-19 and the pandemic in our community, we have decided to hold tryouts for new-to-club members (players that were not in our club last year) only. We will consider holding tryouts for a player because of extenuating circumstances, done on a case by case request. Tryouts will be held at the high school field on Sunday, August 30th. This needs to be completed by Friday, August 28. The schedule for the age groups will be published on our website and social media sites once we have a final count or by Saturday, August 29.


Players that played this year in the Rams Baseball Club will not need to tryout. We will use try out data from last year, current year stats and coach’s feedback. Again, this is not ideal, but in the year of Covid, I am not sure what constitutes ideal.




The Rams Baseball Club board has deemed a need to increase our fees as well. This seems to come up every couple of years, but understand this is a necessary thing as we move into the 2021 season. There are several reasons for the increase.

  1. In talking with USSSA and CIS, tournament fees will increase due to loss of tournaments this year and increasing insurance for them.
  2. Our insurance will also increase to cover the club.
  3. Since we lost Rally Time, we are in the process of looking for an indoor hitting facility and we are anticipating an increase in what we have paid to hit indoors this winter. 
  4. Remember we will still offer a multiplayer discount for families that have 2 or more players in the club.
  5. Even with an increase, our club fee is still really competitive and we actually have much lower club fees compared to what other area clubs charge their families.
  6. Teams will still be guaranteed 6 tournaments. 

With all this being said, registration will be raised to $500 for the 2021 season. Part of the registration will be a required, non-refundable registration fee of $150 after the tryout date.  To register your son for the 2021 RBC season, please go to www.ramsbaseballclub.com.   


Rams Baseball Club will continue to partner and increase participation with ABL and we encourage all of our players to sign up for ABL. If your child is on one of our white teams, the plan is to have them play in four tournaments through RBC and play league baseball through ABL. We feel that it is important for all RBC players to get as much game time experience as possible and ABL is a great way to do this. Your club fee will cover the cost of your ABL registration if your child is on a white team. Please remember that any RBC team is allowed to participate in additional tournaments than what the club will cover, but the team is responsible for funding the additional tournaments.


If you are requesting to participate in tryouts, please go to this link below and fill out all information required: