RBC Conflict Procedure

UpdatedFriday July 7, 2017 byCasey Larry.

From time to time, in working with the many individuals who are involved in a successful youth program such as ours, issues come up that may cause for concern for parents.  It is difficult for these concerns to be addressed when the parties involved have different views, backgrounds, and opinions.  The following procedure is required for players and parents to follow in order to get the issues on the table and address them.  Rams Baseball Club's goal is to address issues quickly and efficiently.

Please refrain and avoid contact until 24 hours after incident.  Should concerns remain with the RBC program, the following levels should be followed in prescribed order:

Level 1 - Player and coach.  Use discretion as appropriate for player age.

Level 2 - Player, parent and coach.  

Level 3 - Player, parent, coach and player representative.

Level 4 - Player, parent, coach, player representative and RBC president.