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Contact Information:


Phone: 515-957-1889

Mail | Billing | Payment Address:

Tim Stiles - RBC Treasurer

3607 Park Side Drive

Des Moines 50317

RBC teams will hit at the SEP High School Gym this weekend. Following is the schedule:


8u- 1:15- 2

9u -2:00 -2:45

10u – 2:45 – 3:30

7u – 3:30 – 4:30


11u – 2:00 – 2:45

12u – 2:45 – 3:30

13u – 3:30 – 4:15

To see the full calendar of events, click the calendar link at the top of the page or click HERE


The 2015 RBC Calendar has been updated. Click HERE for the full calendar or Check the right side of the web site for a list of current practices. Tournaments will be added in the coming weeks.


2015 uniform fittings will be at the High School Commons area in the Southeast Polk High school October 12th from 6:30-8:30. 


Rams Baseball Club is excited to announce our 2015 Teams and Coaches!

Team Last First Head Coach Asst Coaches
7u Black Berg Jordan Derek Lewis Brett Williams
7u Black Biladeau Dokken

7u Black Hanson Nash

7u Black Johnson Henry

7u Black Lewis Brayden

7u Black McMurray Mark

7u Black Patterson Lincoln

7u Black Richey Drew

7u Black Van Campernolle Jacob

7u Black Widen Tanner

7u Black Williams Alex

8u Black Surprenant Broc Marc Beshear Scot Surprenant
8u Black Winget Cael

8u Black Beshear Connor

8u Black Patterson Cooper

8u Black Flynn Evan

8u Black McNeeley Grayson

8u Black Hansen Holden

8u Black Hills Kaden

8u Black Trexel Noah

8u Black Zelenovich Sam

8u Black Cantrall Teague

8u Gold Snetselaar Brady Justin Snyder Erik Butler
8u Gold Butler Bryan

8u Gold Goode Charlie

8u Gold Keiser Colt

8u Gold Wilson Joshua

8u Gold Vander Werff Landon

8u Gold Dykstra Mason

8u Gold Blaine Quinton

8u Gold Kent Ryker

8u Gold Reed Sam

8u Gold Snyder Wyatt

8u Gold Khoundara Xavier

9U Black Jackson Boman Brent Remster Josh Hull
9U Black Johnson Bruce
Jeremy Olesen
9U Black Hull Cameron

9U Black Pesek Carter

9U Black Hall Connor

9U Black Allen Gauge

9U Black Filloon Jack

9U Black Van Der Brink Mason

9U Black Surprenant Ryne

9U Black Olesen Spencer

9U Black Remster Tyke

9u Gold Schafer AJ Eric Wahman Jay Elliott
9u Gold Bennett Ayden

9u Gold Chebuhar Caleb

9u Gold Wilterdink Charlie

9u Gold Johnson Conner

9u Gold Biladeau Easton

9u Gold Kavalier Grant

9u Gold Allen Hunter

9u Gold Chambers Lucas

9u Gold Elliott Rhett

9u Gold Wahman Sam

Team Last First Head Coach Asst 1
10u Black Reed Andrew Rob Cross Dan Bain
10u Black Surprenant Cael

10u Black Rogers Cole

10u Black Burriola Dominic

10u Black Casey Jack

10u Black Bain Jesse

10u Black Wilson Jordan

10u Black Beshear Marek

10u Black Martin Owen

10u Black Cross Tanner

10u Gold Meeker Brayden Tim Stiles Brad Zelenovich
10u Gold Schutte Beck

10u Gold Franzen Caden

10u Gold Howard Caleb

10u Gold Stiles Gabe

10u Gold Zelenovich Joe

10u Gold Brennick Kai

10u Gold Goode Sam

10u Gold Ciesielski Tyler

10u Gold Registered Player

11u Black Cope Bain Mike Winget Dennis Thielen
11u Black Johnson Charlie

11u Black Filloon Cole

11u Black Hanson Cooper

11u Black Winget Drew

11u Black Aguiniga Jace

11u Black Dailey Jaxon

11u Black Gordon Joey

11u Black Bernardino Miguel

11u Black Thielen Zach

12u Black Dennis Anthony Marc Hesner Jon Dennis
12u Black Baarda Camden

12u Black Naeve Dawson

12u Black Hanson Drake

12u Black Remster Gabe

12u Black Carter Jackson

12u Black Aguiniga Jalen

12u Black Hesner Jason

12u Black Robbins Konnor

12u Black Fisher Kyler

12u Black Miller Marcus

12u Gold Dyer Alex Matt VonAhnen Rob Hall
12u Gold Hall Brandon

12u Gold de la Rosa Brandon

12u Gold Carlson Cale

12u Gold PladnaKaden

12u Gold Werthmann Luke

12u Gold Van Ahnen Maddox

12u Gold Walker Nick

12u Gold Nuss Jack

12u Gold Hill Quentin

13u Black DuToit Aaron Steve Martin Alex Johnson
13u Black Stiles Brock

13u Black Brown Connor

13u Black Martin Evan

13u Black Stewart Evan

13u Black Johnson Fred

13u Black Christenson Gabe

13u Black Jorgenson Jett

13u Black Bain Logan

13u Black Tewes Tanner

13u Black Wallace Zachary

13u Gold Thovson Braden Brian Leeper Jeff Brindley
13u Gold Leeper Carter

13u Gold Knight Carter

13u Gold Simms Grant

13u Gold Combs Jashon

13u Gold Brindley Justin

13u Gold Alger Kaleb

13u Gold Vroom Lucas

13u Gold Carter Mason

13u Gold Schmida Sam

13u Gold Cross Tyler

13u Gold Roberts Zach


2015 Tryouts will be Sunday, August 17th and Sunday, August 24th. Players need to attend one of the two sessions.

Tryouts will take place at the SEP High School Baseball field

Schedule for tryout days will be as follows:

9:30 - 12 noon - 7u-10u

1:00 PM to 3:30 Pm - 11u - 14u

Registration forms can be found HERE


Baseball Lessons - 

Individual or small group lessons available with the SEP Baseball Coaches.

For more information, please send a note to one of the coaches at:

Scott Belger:

Dave Hartman:

Scott Surprenant:

Blake Kielman:

2013 Top 4 finishers

Congrats to the following teams for top 4 finishes!

SP Training 201310u Black1st
SP Training 201311u Black4th
Kick off Classic12uBlack2nd
Kick off Classic10u Black4th
Shootout NIT9u Black2nd
Shootout NIT10u Black4th
Shootout NIT11u Black4th
Shootout NIT13u Black4th
MN Border Battle12u Black1st
Dirtbags7u Black1st
Dirtbags12u Black2nd